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ISBN: 9781912190034

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Silver award winner, Geographical Association Publishers Awards 2019 GCSE Geography Fieldwork takes a fresh approach to the graphical, numeracy and fieldwork skills that are required for GCSE geography. Map, graph and statistical skills, such as measures of dispersion and correlation, are explained using the context of primary and secondary data collected during fieldwork. Student activities on every spread support the development of these skills. The book is structured around the six stages of the fieldwork enquiry process so that students can see how appropriate graphical and numeracy skills are used to support a scientific approach to geographical enquiry. Regular activities through each book help students conduct and evaluate their own fieldwork. The books are also designed to help students reflect critically on the fieldwork of other students working in unfamiliar contexts. Consequently, the book supports students who are preparing to answer questions in formative and summative assessments. There are practical suggestions for preparing for the examination with revision tips for questions that focus on AO3 and AO4 and include exam style questions that students can use when revising. Endorsed by the Field Studies Council (FSC).