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Top Spec Geography: The Climate Crisis

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Tim Daley, Kate Stockings

ISBN: 9781843775393

Published: 2022

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Climate change is widely taught in schools and colleges and its causes and potential impacts are discussed in numerous publications. However, few school books ever speak of a climate ‘crisis’. Yet a crisis it truly is.

Geography and geographers play a key role in developing an understanding of the climate crisis, from its causes to the risks it poses and the current and possible future impacts.

This book offers a view of the crisis: its origins, the main drivers, its impacts, and some proposed solutions. Among other things it:

  • explores the meaning of a climate ‘crisis’
  • discusses how the concept has arisen as scientists gain increasing confidence in the data signalling dramatic changes in global climate systems
  • examines the causes of the crisis and assesses the impacts, both now and in the future
  • considers why the nature of the crisis is complex, and how any solutions may need to be radical, e.g. in energy production and use.


Chapter 1: An introduction to the climate crisis

Chapter 2: Our journey to ‘crisis point’

Chapter 3: The drivers of climate change

Chapter 4: The impacts of climate change

Chapter 5: The complexity of the climate crisis

Chapter 6: Solutions to the climate crisis


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