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KS3 Geography Teachers' Toolkits: Through Thick and Thin

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Emma Cook

ISBN: 9781843773511

Published: 2015

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Through Thick and Thin will provide students with a broad overview of glaciation within contrasting global contexts. It aims to develop locational knowledge of key glaciated places in the world: alpine glaciers in the Karakoram mountains, icebergs and ice sheets in Greenland and glaciated landscapes in the UK. Students will develop their understanding of physical geography, especially glacial features and processes and resulting landforms in areas once or currently covered by ice. Human interaction with icy and glacial environments is also studied, including how people have adapted to such places, the hazards they pose, and the importance of glaciated places for the future.

  • Chapter 1: Why teach about glaciation?
  • Chapter 2: How to teach about glaciation
  • Chapter 3: The geography behind glaciation
  • Chapter 4: Concepts and curriculum links
  • Chapter 5: Glaciation in the news
  • Chapter 6: Medium term plan
    • Lesson 1 Glacial scale
    • Lesson 2 Moving the earth
    • Lesson 3 Go with the snow flow
    • Lesson 4 Life in the extreme
    • Lesson 5 The ups and downs of our climate
    • Lesson 6 Erratic evidence
    • Lesson 7 The impact of ice
    • Lesson 8 Destination deep freeze
    • Lesson 9 Arctic arguments
    • Lesson 10 Ice-free implications
  • Chapter 7:Glossary
  • Chapter 8: Further sources for information
  • Chapter 9: Assessment framework