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Geography 11-14: Exploring our changing world Teacher's Resource (eBook - pdf download)

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Rob Bircher, Emma Cook, Aidan Hesslewood, John Hopkin, Gemma Pollard, Garry Simmons, Emma Rawlings Smith

ISBN: 9781843775126

Published: 2021

Price: £133.00

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Geography 11–14 introduces students in years 7–9 to key geographical concepts, topics, themes, places and skills. The 18 chapters consider themes in human and natural environments and explore the connections and interactions between them. Written by practising teachers and geography educators, the resources aim to:
  • enthuse and engage students, making them more globally aware and environmentally minded
  • help students develop a better understanding and appreciation of the world
  • introduce key geographical knowledge, build understanding and develop skills that will be needed for GCSE, while keeping key stage 3 (or equivalent) a distinctive phase of education
  • introduce themes early on and revisit them later in different contexts to consolidate learning
  • suggest different approaches and ways of thinking in geography.
Each chapter of Geography 11–14: Exploring our changing world has these supporting teacher resources:
  • Teacher notes which contain:
    • notes and information on the chapter
    • a medium term plan
    • a list of key terms and definitions
    • an assessment framework
    • answers to the activities in the student book
    • geographical concepts and curriculum links.
  • A PowerPoint containing maps, photos and diagrams from the chapter
  • Activity and information sheets.
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