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The Handbook of Secondary Geography

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Editor: Mark Jones

ISBN: 9781843773771

Published: 2017

Price: £54.99

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This handbook provides a rich source of advice and reference on all aspects of geography teaching in secondary schools in the UK. It has been written for heads of department leading the subject in their school and for all teachers of geography, from those beginning their career to those with more experience. It also speaks to a wider audience, particularly those active and interested in geography education.

The handbook aims to:
  • offer practical advice and professional development for classroom practitioners
  • encourage scholarly engagement with the nature and purpose of geography
  • signpost the rich legacy of subject-specific literature that geography teachers and the wider geography community can engage with.
Teaching geography can be incredibly rewarding and every geography teacher aspires to teaching high-quality, relevant and challenging geography. One way of assessing whether this is happening is if young people enjoy and engage meaningfully with the subject. Their response is mainly down to a teacher’s interpretation of the subject: a teacher who embraces the spirit and purpose of geography can open students’ eyes to a world of fascination. In this handbook you will find a broad and balanced basis for your interpretation.

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