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Top Spec Geography: Glaciated Landscapes

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Peter Knight Richard Waller

ISBN: 9781843774099

Published: 2017

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You may have chosen to study physical geography because you wanted to know more about and understand the key processes forming glacial landforms. You have probably visited examples of relict glacial landscapes such as Snowdonia, the Lake District or the Swiss Alps and been inspired by their spectacular beauty. This book enables you to develop your A level studies in glacial processes and landforms by giving you greater understanding. It will also prepare you for university studies in glaciation as it goes beyond basic, over-simplified explanations. It enables you to look at the use of a systems framework, not only for glaciers but also in a wider context of world systems. The last chapter explains the interactions between humans and glacial landscapes and gives you the chance to evaluate their importance for humans and how humans play an important role in the development of glacial landscapes.

Chapter 1: Geography, glaciation and the global system
Chapter 2: Glaciers
Chapter 3: Glacial landforming processes
Chapter 4: Glacial landforms, landscapes and landsystems
Chapter 5: Human activity in glacial environments

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