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Guidance on progression and assessment in geography

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John Hopkin, David Gardner

Pages: 7

ISBN: 9781843775690

Published: 2023

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This Geographical Association guidance supports schools in planning for progression, achievement and assessment in geography. It is based on a clear vision of what it means to make progress in geography, anchored by age-specific national expectations for pupils aged 7–16 years.

Planning a geography curriculum that is ambitious, coherently planned and sequenced leads to high standards for pupils. This guidance has been redesigned and updated to link closely with changes to inspection arrangements, planning guidance and the GA’s Curriculum Framework to support:

  • teachers in thinking through the interlinked processes of curriculum planning, progression and assessment in geography
  • subject teams in designing and reviewing a geography curriculum with progression and assessment opportunities at its heart
  • geography subject leaders in reviewing the curriculum with senior leaders.

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