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KS3 Geography Teachers' Toolkit: The Role of Stones

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John Widdowson

ISBN: 9781843773481

Published: 2014

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The Role of Stones will enable students to develop their knowledge and understanding of rocks, geological timescales and how the interaction of human and physical processes influences and changes landscapes. Fieldwork opportunities help to connect students’ everyday lived experience with what they learn in the geography classroom.

The unit will broaden the students’ knowledge from the geology of Britain to our use of rocky landscapes for leisure and the contentious issue of energy supply.

  • Chapter 1: Why teach about rocks?
  • Chapter 2: How to teach about rocks
  • Chapter 3: The geography behind rocks
  • Chapter 4: Concepts and curriculum links
  • Chapter 5: Medium term plan
  • Chapter 6: Lesson plans
    • Rock around the block
    • Rock story
    • The fossil mystery
    • The map that rocks!
    • Rocks and landscape
    • Exploring landscapes
    • From rock to soil
    • What in Earth?
    • Oil strike! - Rocks to riches?
  • Chapter 7: Glossary
  • Chapter 8: Further sources for ideas
  • Chapter 9: References and further information
  • Chapter 10: Assessment framework