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GCSE: Form, process and people

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ISBN: 9781843773870

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Written specifically to support the UK landscapes component of the 2016 GCSE specifications, this toolkit opens with an overview, explicitly linking the underlying geology of the UK with the resulting landscapes, then examines the processes and landforms characteristic of rivers and coasts. Human management of these landscapes is also considered and there are opportunities for building detailed case studies of a UK river and of the coastal management of Lyme Regis. It concludes with a lesson that explores how landscapes change over time and the potential influence of climate change on the UK’s rivers and coasts. An invaluable resource to support and enhance your GCSE geography planning, this toolkit provides a range of fully-resourced and creative methods to engage all students and encourage an enquiry approach. Weblinks offer a range of internet-based resources, including video clips and GIS applications, exam questions check student understanding, and homework activities build upon concepts studied in class.