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Fieldwork Through Enquiry (2nd Edition)

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Alan Parkinson, John Widdowson

ISBN: 9781843774594

Published: 2020

Price: £28.99

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This book provides ten worked examples of projects that can be used with young people outside the classroom. Five are based in towns and cities, and five explore rural or coastal contexts:
  • A local planning issue
  • Urban quality of life
  • Sustainable urban living
  • The future of the high street
  • Changing places: a village study
  • River environments and management
  • Coastal processes
  • Coastal management
  • Urban flooding
  • Investigating National Parks.
Each project:
  • uses an enquiry approach to a fieldwork investigation based on a single question
  • includes alternative questions that could be answered using the same techniques
  • covers skills and techniques required at GCSE
  • includes practice exam-style questions
  • includes downloadable and customisable student guidance and recording sheets.