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Top Spec Geography: Tectonic Hazards (2nd edition)

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Martin Degg Sue Warn

ISBN: 9781843775164

Published: 2022

Price: £28.99

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Both geography and geographers have played a key role in our understanding of tectonic hazards and risks – from the earliest insights into continental drift to the latest thinking on human vulnerability and resilience. This book will extend students’ understanding of the physical and human processes that combine to create tectonic risks and disasters from the global to the local level. Among other things it:
  • explores the relationships between tectonic hazard, vulnerability, resilience and risk
  • discusses how plate tectonic theory and paradigms help us to understand the distribution of hazards
  • examines social, political, cultural and economic factors that impact on human vulnerability to tectonic hazards
  • reviews the main protection, adaptation and mitigation measures human societies use to reduce risk
  • looks to the future of disaster risk management in an increasingly urbanised world, with a focus on how international organisations can work with local people to manage risk in a development context.
Chapter 1: Understanding hazard, vulnerability, resilience and risk
Chapter 2: Tectonic processes and landforms
Chapter 3: Earthquake hazard and risk
Chapter 4: Volcanic hazard and risk
Chapter 5: Tsunami hazard and risk
Chapter 6: Future challenges: tectonic Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) to 2030
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