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KS3 Geography Teachers' Toolkits: Mind the Gap

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Michelle Minton

ISBN: 9781843773740

Published: 2016

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In this unit, students will investigate international development at a variety of scales. They will critically consider what development means for people and places, how development can be defined and measured, where the most and least developed places are in the world, why development is unequal and who is responsible for development. They will apply this knowledge as they take a closer look at present and future development in Southeast Asia.

  • Why teach about development?
  • How to teach about development
  • The geography of development
  • Concepts and curriculum links
  • Development in the news
  • Medium-term plan
    • Lesson 1: Defining development
    • Lesson 2: Measuring development
    • Lesson 3: Varying development
    • Lesson 4: Development factors
    • Lesson 5: Changing development
    • Lesson 6: Equal development?
    • Lesson 7: The scale of development
    • Lesson 8: Cost-effective development?
    • Lesson 9: Supporting development
    • Lesson 10: Development roles
  • Glossary
  • Further sources for ideas
  • Assessment framework