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KnowHow: Climate Change (eBOOK - pdf download)

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Richard Bustin

ISBN: 9781843775027

Published: 2021

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The KnowHow series is designed to help key stage 3 teachers with their background knowledge of geographical themes and topics that they are expected to teach. These pdf downloads provide straightforward, accurate and trustworthy background knowledge, explanation, diagrams and glossary on topics in the geography National Curriculum so that teachers can develop their geography teaching with confidence.

This title offers clear and concise background information and facts to give you a firm basis for teaching about climate change and for tackling the kinds of questions that students may raise. It provides a solid grounding of climate science and its main implications that can be developed at GCSE and beyond.

Full list of titles in this series

  • Climate, Soils, Biomes and Vegetation Belts
  • Climate change
  • Geological Timescales
  • Maps: Projections, locations and grid references
  • Plastics and ocean pollution
  • Rivers and the Water Cycle
  • Tectonic Hazards: Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis
  • Weather.

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