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Bio-diversity: The Sundarbans & Bengal Tiger (DVD)

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Pumpkin Interactive

ISBN: 9781843773283

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The Sundarbans contains the largest and most diverse mangrove ecosystem in the world and is home to the endangered Bengal Tiger. Filmed over five years and with remarkable footage of tigers and other endangered species, this interactive resource enables users to find out why the Sundarbans is so important: as a bio-diversity hotspot, carbon bank and as protection against the impacts of hurricanes. It also explores the threats to the forest, including climate change, overexploitation of resources, poaching and tiger killings. Finally the DVD goes on to ask how the Sundarbans can be sustainably managed in a way that generates badly-needed jobs and income for local people. We find out why colonial ideas about policing the exploitation of resources are giving way to initiatives that engage local users in the conservation of this vital resource.

  • Section 1: Introducing the Sundarbans
  • Section 2: What makes the Sundarbans special?
  • Section 3: Threats to the Sundarbans
  • Section 4: Resources under pressure
  • Section 5: Conserving the Sundarbans

Resource bank index Each resource includes a fantastic bank of teaching resources and student activities, designed and written by Bob Digby educational consultant and author of numerous geography text books.