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River Processes & Landforms (DVD)

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Pumpkin Interactive

ISBN: 9781843773344

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Provide your students with memorable examples of potholes, rapids, waterfalls, gorges, meanders, braiding, flood plains and deltas, with our high quality video footage filmed both in the UK and abroad. Use these case studies, along with the detailed graphics provided, to explain the fluvial processes of erosion, transportation and deposition and explore how they change throughout a river's course. The process and impact of rejuvenation is also explored through the use of specific examples.

  • Chapter 1: Forces of change
  • Chapter 2: Changing profiles and channels
  • Chapter 3: Rejuvenation
  • Chapter 4: Erosion
  • Chapter 5: Deposition

Each resource includes a fantastic bank of teaching resources and student activities, designed and written by Bob Digby educational consultant, GCSE principal examiner and author of numerous geography textbooks.