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The Everyday Guide to Primary Geography: Art

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Julia Tanner, Jane Whittle

ISBN: 9781843773665

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This Guide uses works of art to stimulate, enliven and enrich geography teaching and learning at key stages 1 and 2. It presents a wide range of classroom strategies for using art to develop pupils’ geographical thinking, knowledge and understanding, and to extend their geographical skills. It also explores the rich possibilities for cross-curricular work through linking geography with art and other subjects.

The aims of this Guide are to:
  • demonstrate the value of art as a stimulus for promoting geographical thinking and language
  • exemplify strategies for developing geographical skills such as enquiry, map work, fieldwork and visual literacy through all kinds of artworks
  • illustrate creative ideas for enhancing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of places, physical, human and environmental geography, and their locational knowledge through art
  • provide valuable ideas and resources to use in and beyond the classroom.

  • Geography through art
  • The Block by Romare Bearden - investigate local houses and buildings
  • Rush Hour by George Segal - investigate your local area and urban landscapes
  • Winter Tunnel with Snow, March, 2006 by David Hockney - rural landscapes and seasonal change
  • Adire cloth by the Yoruba women of Nigeria - the clothes we wear and where they come from
  • Riverside Museum, Glasgow by Dame Zaha Hadid - iconic buildings – their design, function and location
  • The Nenets of Northern Siberia by Sebastião Salgado - landscapes, weather and life in Polar regions
  • 175 The Almost Circle by Friedensreich Hundertwasser - settlement patterns, land use and routes
  • Red Slate Line by Richard Long - physical landscapes, rocks and land art
  • Day and Night by Maurits Cornelis Escher - lines of latitude, time zones and seasonal change
  • Cattle Market, Braintree, Essex, 1937 by Edward Bawden - food production and distribution
  • Paintings of London and Venice by Canaletto and Monet - London and Venice, waterways in cities
  • Surprised! (or Tiger in a Tropical Storm) by Henri Rousseau - tropical rainforests, biodiversity and deforestation
  • Cotopaxi, Ecuador by the Quechuan people of Ecuador - volcanoes, mountains and life in a village in Ecuador, South America
  • London Underground Map by Harry Beck - maps as art forms and ways to communicate spatial information
  • Northumberlandia, the Lady of the North by Charles Jencks - the creation, destruction and management of landscapes, including National Parks
  • Useful resources and websites