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Top Spec Geography: Health Geographies and the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Tony Gatrell, Bob Digby

ISBN: 9781843775195

Published: 2022

Price: £28.99

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In January 2020, scientists in China revealed the existence of a new coronavirus  (SARS-CoV-2) and concern that its flu-like symptoms might threaten people in much the same way as the 1918 influenza pandemic had done over a century earlier. Within weeks, the virus had spread to virtually every country in the world, earning its classification as a ‘pandemic’.

Geographers are interested in health – where diseases originate, how, why, and where they spread, and their impacts on (and the responses by) governments.

This book:

  • explores the development and spread of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) and the accompanying disease (COVID-19)
  • discusses the impacts of the disease globally and in specific countries such as Brazil and the USA
  • examines the impacts of COVID-19 in the UK
  • uses both global and local (UK) case studies to identify the ways in which different populations were impacted
  • investigates access to vaccination in different parts of the world
  • helps to identify themes by which students might investigate COVID-related topics in their coursework.


Chapter 1: The story begins

Chapter 2: The spread of the virus and its impacts

Chapter 3: COVID-19 reaches the UK

Chapter 4: The impact of COVID-19 on localities in England

Chapter 5: COVID-19 case studies across the globe – successes and failures

Chapter 6: Vaccination: geographical disparities

Chapter 7: Planning an independent investigation about COVID-19


Online resources

Each book in the Top Spec Geography series has a range of supplementary materials and resources. Details on how to access these resources can be found in the book.