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ISBN: 9781843773689

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What makes some countries more energy secure than others and what are the strategies that can be pursued to improve security? With video case studies from the EU, Iceland, China, India, Canada and the US, this resource provides students with a wealth of contrasting examples. Find out how the geopolitics of Eastern Europe is affecting energy security in the EU. In China, energy needs are being met through an overwhelming reliance on coal, but at what environmental cost? And with new technology opening up previously untapped reserves, we ask, what are the potential risks and rewards? CONTENTS Chapter 1: What is energy security? Chapter 2: UK and Europe Chapter 3: Europe’s gas crisis Chapter 4: India and China Chapter 5: North America Chapter 6: The search for fossil fuels Each resource includes a fantastic bank of teaching resources and student activities, designed and written by Bob Digby educational consultant, GCSE principal examiner and author of numerous geography textbooks.