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Top Spec Geography: Changing Places

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Simon Oakes, Alastair Owens, Emma Rawlings Smith

ISBN: 9781843773801

Published: 2016

Price: £28.99

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This book meets the requirements of the 2016 A levels in England and Wales. Its theme, ‘Changing place, changing places’ is required core content for all four A level specifications, even though they differ slightly in detail.

The book includes:
  • how meanings and representations that are attached to places, help to shape human actions and behaviours that affect places. These meanings include attachment to landscapes and why one place looks and feels very different from another.
  • how relationships that exist between people, economy, society and environment can explain why places are constantly changing. This includes ways in which people change places through local actions, or ways in which change is ‘done’ to them, e.g. regeneration schemes. Places are not shaped solely by local factors; they are connected in economic, cultural and political ways in an increasingly globalised world.
Chapter 1 How do we understand and represent place?
Chapter 2 Place identity: how and why places vary
Chapter 3 Changing places in the UK
Chapter 4 Managing Britain’s changing places
Chapter 5 Investigating place

Online resources
Each book in the Top Spec Geography series has a range of supplementary materials and resources. Details on how to access these resources can be found in the book.