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The Everyday Guide to Primary Geography: Locational Knowledge

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Simon Catling

ISBN: 9781843774686

Published: 2020

Price: £22.99

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This Guide explores the potential for introducing locational knowledge to stimulate, enliven and enrich geography teaching at key stage 1 and 2. It includes a range of practical activities and classroom strategies designed to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of what is where and where is where at all scales. It will help pupils make sense of the world around them through knowing and understanding where and what places and features are, as well as why and how they came to be located in a particular place, and assist them in acquiring both directional language and locational language.

  • Knowing where’s where
  • Developing locational knowledge
  • Enquiring into where’s where
  • Locational knowledge resources
  • Saying where, getting there
  • Where’s what in school?
  • Where we live
  • World wheres
  • Storyworlds
  • Topically where?
  • Discovering where in atlases
  • Locating places and features
  • My country, my place
  • Exploring time zones
  • Themes, projections and world regions
  • Which places should we know?
  • References and further links