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Geography 11-14: Why is disease a geographical issue? (eBook - pdf download)

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Rob Bircher, John Hopkin, Gemma Pollard

ISBN: 9781843775119

Published: 2021

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Geography 11-14 bonus chapter - FREE to download for GA members.

This extra chapter showcases the materials available in Geography 11–14: Exploring our changing world, a student resource book for key stage 3. The downloadable pdf includes a full chapter of resources for students and accompanying teachers’ resources.

It covers the geographies of health and disease, focusing on these key ideas:

  • disease (and health) have distributions in space, and can be examined at different scales
  • the incidence of many diseases is related to environmental, economic and social conditions, as well as how people make decisions: the political sphere
  • human progress has reduced the incidence and impact of many diseases, but not all, and new diseases are always possible in future.

Geography 11–14: Exploring our changing world

The book takes a spiral approach, introducing concepts, topics, themes, places and skills early on, then revisits these in later chapters in different contexts in order to consolidate learning. The chapters consider themes in human and natural environments and explore the connections and interactions between them. The complete student book has 18 chapters and covers years 7–9. 

Written by practising teachers and geography educators, the book aims to:

  • enthuse and engage students, making them more globally aware and environmentally minded
  • help students develop a better understanding and appreciation of the world
  • introduce key geographical knowledge, build understanding and develop skills that will be needed for GCSE, while keeping key stage 3 (or equivalent) a distinctive phase of education
  • suggest different approaches and ways of thinking in geography.

Each chapter has:

  • an introductory page containing a starter activity and an outline of key themes, concepts and topics covered within it
  • five or six double page spreads containing information and case study material to engage students along withlocation maps and activities to develop skills to help students become better geographers
  • a review page with activities to consolidate the learning from the chapter.

The accompanying teacher materials contain:

  • a medium-term plan and guidance notes for each chapter
  • activity, information and answer sheets
  • a PowerPoint of resources for each chapter.

Please note this is a bonus chapter and it does not appear in the full book. 

This eBook is available in a pdf format and can only be purchased online. Once purchased, a zip folder containing the eBook, and accompanying teacher's resources, will download automatically into your ’My Resources’ area which you can access from your member home page.

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