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Top Spec Geography: Migration & Global Governance

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Katie Willis Paul Wraight

ISBN: 9781843774785

Published: 2020

Price: £28.99

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Migration is a globally significant process, shaping regional economies. At the local level, it has profound impacts on families and communities. Migration is also important for its connections to the key geographical themes of demographic, economic and social change, inequality and urbanisation.

The book covers:
  • migration as a response to demographics and economic development
  • how global governance shapes migration, such as flows of refugees
  • the theoretical background to migration, seeking to explain the geography of different migrations
  • the consequences of migration for host and source countries
  • why migration can be contested, through concepts such as multiculturalism, nationalism and populism
  • how human experiences of migration vary.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Population and globalisation
Chapter 3: Migration classification and regulation
Chapter 4: The human experience of migration
Chapter 5: The consequences of migration
Chapter 6: The contested nature of migration
Chapter 7: The fluidity of borders

Online resources
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