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GCSE: Revision: A Structured approach

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ISBN: 9781843774297

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The aim of this Toolkit is to support geography teachers in preparing their students for the GCSE geography exams. It can be used flexibly, either alongside the whole GCSE course or to help support students in revision lessons at the end of the course. It is organised around the themes of the DfE core content required in all the GCSE specifications. There are ten topics in this Toolkit – seven content topics, plus geographical skills, fieldwork and case studies. Three lessons are provided for each topic. These are described in double-page spreads in this book (one spread covers three lessons) and a PowerPoint presentation is provided for each topic as part of the accompanying online resources. Key resources for lessons can be printed from the slides in the PowerPoint presentation or the activity sheets, also in the online resources. The three lessons for each topic follow the same structure: Introductory lesson – includes a stimulus activity to help students think back to the topic. Second lesson – focuses on answering extended questions. Third lesson – summarises the topic and refers back to the SAM for each awarding body.