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Top Spec Geography: Water and Carbon Cycles

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Russell H Chapman Sara A Thornton

ISBN: 9781843774815

Published: 2020

Price: £28.99

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This book provides an up-to-date exploration of the changes in the water and carbon cycles brought about by human actions. Focusing on the contrasting ecosystems of tropical peatlands and Arctic tundra, it provides in-depth analysis of the impact of these changes on the working of the cycles. Students are introduced to new case studies based on the authors’ own research, and the accompanying diagrams, maps and photographs will enhance their understanding.

The book covers:
  • the operation of the water cycle globally, and more locally, in the tropics and the Arctic
  • the world’s impending water management crisis, with thought-provoking case studies
  • a balanced analysis of human impacts on peatlands, again with innovative case studies
  • the vital role of peatlands in the functioning of the carbon cycle
  • a highly topical exploration of the controversies surrounding our reliance on fossil fuels
  • the relationship between the carbon cycle and climate warming.
Chapter 1 The importance of the water and carbon cycles
Chapter 2 The water cycle: from global to local
Chapter 3 Water resources management: a crisis for the 21st century?
Chapter 4 Human impacts on peatlands and wetlands
Chapter 5 The carbon cycle and peatlands
Chapter 6 Fossil fools?
Chapter 7 Climate change and the changing carbon cycle

Online resources
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