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GCSE: Living in the UK

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ISBN: 9781843774167

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Throughout this Toolkit students are encouraged to delve into the geography of the UK across a range of scales and through a variety of lenses. Each lesson adopts a specific theme drawn from the GCSE specifications. They explore a variety of contrasting places across the UK, each with its own unique geographical landscape and history: - urban challenges and opportunities in Birmingham, Leeds and London - rural change in Hawes, North Yorkshire - sustainable living in Bristol. The concept of space, the relative location of places, and the flows and movements of goods, services and people are central as students explore the interdependence of the UK and rest of the world and the relationship between urban and rural landscapes. Geographical enquiry is useful to explore these spatial patterns and to consider the social, economic and environmental processes at work. A range of numerical, cartographic and fieldwork skills have been integrated into lesson activities as well as practice exam questions, and students will have opportunities to discuss limitations, alternative options for data presentation, and how such methods of data collection could be incorporated into their own fieldwork and research.