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Top Spec Geography: Emerging Superpowers: India and China (2nd edition)

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Gill Miller

ISBN: 9781843774143

Published: 2018

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This book meets the requirements of the 2016 A levels in England and Wales. Its focus on China and India makes it essential to meet the core content requirements for all four A level specifications.

The book includes information on:

  • the rapid growth and emergence of both countries as economic superpowers, each having become a key player in the global economy
  • some of the implications for people and the environment in both countries, given the rapid rates of economic growth and the shift from rural to urban populations
  • the emergence of each country as political heavyweights, contesting the sole superpower status of the USA.

A level specifications require that students study the ways in which these factors affect the geopolitical balance of economic and political power in the world. This book addresses each of these factors through the liberal use of examples by Gill Miller, an expert in her field.

The book will also provide substantive background reading for students who undertake individual investigations on international geopolitical change as part of their A level.


Chapter 1: Superpowers in the making?

Chapter 2: Population powerhouses?

Chapter 3: The drive for economic growth

Chapter 4: Global reach, global superpower?

Chapter 5: Environmental challenges

Chapter 6: Superpower aspirations

Online resources

Each book in the Top Spec Geography series has a range of supplementary materials and resources. Details on how to access these resources can be found in the book.