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SuperSchemes: Local Fieldwork: Investigating our street

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Paula Richardson

ISBN: 9781843774273

Published: 2018

Price: £20.99

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The SuperSchemes series provides primary teachers with the means to develop geography units of work with confidence. Each book starts with:
  • advice and guidance on how to approach the topic
  • an explanation of the geography rooted in the unit
  • background information to get you started.
The whole suggested unit is laid out in the medium term plan, which is followed by detailed and resourced lesson plans for two lessons. Further ideas for developing the remaining four lessons in the unit complete the book and provide you with a springboard to take your geography teaching further.

This resource will enable all primary teachers to teach good geography about the local area, through effective but manageable fieldwork activities and classroom ideas that can be easily applied to an investigation in any local street. The unit of six lessons aims to help pupils to understand the physical and human features that make up our local streets, the role of different features of streets, needs of their users, and change in the local area. They will use fieldwork to explore the school’s local area, practise good fieldwork techniques, which they can undertake with confidence, and learn how to record, analyse and present their findings.

Resources, including activity sheets and a copy of the medium term plan, are available to download using your password included with the book.