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Set of Five Fieldwork Posters

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Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group

ISBN: 9781843774587

Published: 2019

Price: £22.99

Member price: £17.99


This collection of five fieldwork posters has been created by members of the GA’s Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group. Each colourful poster contains 25 useful examples of different aspects of fieldwork from developing a question for enquiry, to choosing a location and working out the best equipment to use, to the benefits of fieldwork, to analysing and presenting results, and more.

These attractive A2 posters will provide classroom inspiration and support in all fieldwork areas.

The five posters are:
  • Great Reasons to do Fieldwork
  • Great Fieldwork Locations
  • Great Fieldwork Investigations
  • Great Fieldwork Equipment
  • Great Fieldwork Techniques