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KS3 Geography Teachers' Toolkits: Look at it This Way

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Alan Parkinson

ISBN: 9781843772156

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Look at it This Way offers a creative approach to teaching physical geography which focuses on landscapes and landscape change and encourages exploration within and beyond the classroom. You can use or adapt the multisensory set of ‘tools’ to explore students’ relationship with the landscape.

  • Chapter 1: Look at it this way: What are your views on landscape?
  • Chapter 2: Medium-term plan
  • Chapter 3: Lesson plans
    • First Footsteps
    • Are we nearly there yet?
    • The Road to Nowhere
    • Gone with the Wind?
    • Made in England
    • First Class Landscapes
    • Journeys through Landscapes
    • Living on the Edge
    • Mountains on my mind
  • Chapter 4: Glossary
  • Chapter 5: Links for further ideas and resources
  • Chapter 6: Assessment framework

The resource contains a CD-Rom with resources needed for each of the lesson plans.