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Caring for Our World

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Fran Martin, Paula Owens

ISBN: 9781843772118

Published: 2008

Price: £16.99

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This practical illustrated guide to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), for ages 4-8, will be invaluable for those who are uncertain what ESD is all about and how to teach it. It brings together many initiatives, such as Sustainable Schools, Personalised Learning, Every Child Matters and SEAL, through a range of inspiring yet easily replicable examples. The experiences of real schools are used to illustrate six themes:
  • growing schools
  • food and farming
  • forest school
  • school grounds
  • sustainable energy
  • travelling to school.
These are brought to life with both teacher and pupil voices, firstly with an example of one school’s work across a range of subject areas, followed by additional vignettes from other schools which offer several different perspectives. A resources section including a short- and medium-term plan, and lists of useful books and websites for each chapter will help you plan and resource your own lessons. This book is relevant whatever your school situation and location as the examples range from quick activities to whole-school projects from schools in very different settings.