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KS3 Geography Teachers' Toolkits: Moving Stories

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John Widdowson

ISBN: 9781843772019

Published: 2008

Price: £24.99

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This unit is about the changes that are happening in the UK’s population. It aims to teach about population in more engaging, ways through stories about real people moving to or from real places, out of the UK or into the UK. Moving Stories takes an issue-based approach to population, each lesson starting with questions that students themselves are likely to ask. Students are encouraged to think critically about population issues and to become better informed. 

Chapter 1: About Moving Stories?
Chapter 2: Medium-term plan
Chapter 3: Lesson plans
  • Who are the British?
  • How has the UK’s population changed in the past?
  • Where do people live in the UK?
  • Why is population declining in some parts of the UK?
  • Why is population growing in some parts of the UK?
  • What makes people undertake long and dangerous journeys to the UK?
  • How does the media influence our view of immigrants?
  • What makes people leave the UK?
  • How is the UK’s population likely to change in my lifetime?
  • Who should be allowed into the UK?
Chapter 4: Glossary
Chapter 5: Links for further ideas and resources
Chapter 6: Assessment framework

The resource contains:
  • CD-Rom has 40 activity sheets, information sheets and photos, needed for each of the lesson plans.