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KS3 Geography Teachers' Toolkits: Into Africa

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Emma Cook

ISBN: 9781843772026

Published: 2008

Price: £24.99

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Africa’s diversity and complexity present challenges when deciding what learning should take place. The 2014 Programme of Study offers much greater freedom to explore a varied range of physical and human geography. Focusing on a few key areas – the social, economic and political connections between the UK and Africa – Into Africa will provide a deeper insight into 21st century Africa.

Chapter 1: About Into Africa
Chapter 2: Medium-term plan
Chapter 3: Lesson plans
  • How do holidays connect us to Africa?
  • What has been the impact of tourism on Matmata, a Tunisian settlement?
  • How does food connect us to Africa?
  • What can we learn about a place from is shopping facilities?
  • How does football connect us with Africa?
  • What are the likely impacts of the 2010 World Cup on South Africa?
  • How do mobile phones connect us to Africa?
  • How have mobile phones been changing lives in Nigeria and the UK?
  • How does Comic Relief connect us to Africa?
  • How has Comic Relief helped to change lives in Kibera?
Chapter 4: Glossary
Chapter 5: Links for further ideas and resources
Chapter 6: Assessment framework

The resource contains:
  • CD-Rom has 59 activity sheets, information sheets and photos, needed for each of the lesson plans.