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Assessment and progression in primary geography

Assessment and progression in primary geography



This course will guide you through a range of assessment techniques to empower you to build a cohesive geography curriculum which builds on pupils' prior learning.

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  • What can we do to embed and measure geography where pupils ‘know more, remember more and can do more?’ (Ofsted 2021)
  • How do we plan and implement a curriculum that connects substantive knowledge to create a composite schema for each child?
  • How can assessment practises raise attainment?

Through considering such questions it is possible to not only assess individual pupils’ progress, but also the effectiveness of a school’s geography provision. Join Jon on this full-day course to explore these questions, as he guides you through a range of assessment techniques to empower you to build a cohesive geography curriculum which constantly reviews and builds on pupils’ prior learning.

Meet your course leader, Jon 

Supporting research / references

Willingham (2009) introduces his thoughts on ‘Why don’t students like school?’ and how teachers can best encourage pupils to think when it is not the brain’s natural default.

Rosenshine (2012) considers ‘10 research based principles of instruction along with suggestions for classroom practice.’

Key learning aims

  • To empower teachers to plan, deliver and assess memorable geographical knowledge.
  • To develop formative assessment and retrieval practice techniques.

Expected impact on teachers

  • An increased understanding of how to build a cohesive and progressive curriculum.
  • A better understanding of pedagogies that embed learning in the long term memory.

Expected impact on student outcomes

  • Pupils will commit knowledge to their long-term memory through well sequenced schemes of work that consistently build in opportunities to make connections and over-learn key concepts.

Course Programme

This course will run as a full day online 9.30 – 15.30 with breaks for refreshments.

  • Session 1 – Making progress: how to plan and implement a progressive curriculum.
  • Session 2 – The place of assessment in assessing place.
  • Session 3 – Interconnected and interdependent geographical learning.

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